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Teacher Spotlight

Spotlight on Lindsey Robb, NEPTA board member and treasurer

Lindsey RobbLindsey Robb has been an invaluable member of NEPTA for many years, with tasks including the membership directory, and treasurer of NEPTA. He is witty, savvy, loyal and an all around wonderful person. Lindsey has had a slightly unorthodox approach to becoming a full-time piano teacher. After attending the Lawrence Conservatory of Music in Appleton, WI, he was leaning towards arts administration and moved to Boston to take a job with Sarah Caldwell’s opera company, in the ticket office. When he was laid off 3 months after the big move, he had various temporary positions in Boston including working for Handel & Haydn Society, and free-lance publicist Nance Movsesian, Celebrity Series of Boston,  before landing a permanent  job at the Wang Center, where he wore a multitude of hats for 12 years.

A few years into the Wang Center, he became disenchanted with working in a theatre. All the while he had continued serious study of piano, and had recently began teaching on the side, and it was then that Lindsey decided to learn more about pedagogy from Jean Stackhouse’s pedagogy course at NEC. After this inspiring semester, and also observing Marilyn Roth’s wonderful teaching, he decided to hold his breath and dive into teaching fulltime. Faculty positions at the All Newton Music School, the Joy of Music Program in Worcester, and the Rivers Music School soon followed.

Jean Stackhouse encouraged Lindsey to investigate NEPTA as a resource for the ever-expanding arena of piano pedagogy, and he soon learned he could redirect his administrative experience from the Wang Center into taking over from the retiring Adele Dreyer as Treasurer.

One thing you don’t know about Lindsey: Although he has jumped out of airplanes, balloons, helicopters, and even a 727 jet, he considers performing infinitely more terrifying, and is in awe of those who often take THIS leap.